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British Masters squad training South. New dates!!

Here at OXP we have been broadening the range of our Weightlifting activity, to try and encompass more of an age demographic. We have successfully done more with our “Uplifting Youth” team, securing medals at National Championships. One of the other areas we wanted to increase opportunity and activity is Masters lifting. We have been […]

Coaching Coaches

Olympic Weightlifting is probably the most popular it’s ever been, this rise in participation is largely due to Crossfit and their significant use of media to promote it. There is more and more Weightlifting style events at their games, if you are not proficient at lifting you may not do that well. This has resulted […]

OXP squad training dates.

At Oxford Powersports we held a squad training session which was well attended, both by my regular team and also a few lifters that are in contact with our programming and me as a coach. With around 20 lifters attending this session, my plan was to set some dates for further squads. I have set […]

Lifting League Final 2014/going forward 2015

    The lifting League finals were held quite late for 2014, I had a difficult time collecting results. Results were not sent to one particular place, instead scattered amongst different media/text/email. Some not even reported or taken place. I will come back to that later, first 2014s final!   Because the League is now […]