Masters Weightlifting Squads hosted by Oxford Powersports

Here at OXP we have been broadening the range of our Weightlifting activity, to try and encompass more of an age demographic. We have successfully done more with our “Uplifting Youth” team, securing medals at National Championships.

One of the other areas we wanted to increase opportunity and activity is Masters lifting. We have been attending Masters events since 2009 with various lifters, most of them gaining medals again at National level.

Over the last few years we have watched the Masters scene grow massively, so were thinking of holding more comps at OXP, to increase the possibility to qualify for the British. This was scheduled for June this year, but June has now become too busy for us so, we are looking at re-scheduling for late Summer.

Recently we had some feedback around the amount of activity/opportunity for Masters, so we have bought forward our plans to hold Masters Squads.

Masters is a great community, but doesn’t get the opportunity to train together, in the same way that Senior Regional or National squads do. Training away from your own club, is a great way of broadening your experience.

We intend to run these squads over two hours, Saturday’s from 11:00 hrs.

We have a bar here at Oxford rugby Club, or there is a nice pub up the road called “The Fishes”. Bring Oxford money to that one though!!

Spaces are limited to 20, we have 2 or 3 BWL L2 coaches on hand and it’s open to all Masters ages and levels.

Obviously one of these dates may not work, as we will be at the British Masters at some point soon.

First two dates:

  • 14th April 11:00 hrs
  • 28th April 11:00 hrs

Hope to see you at OXP soon!!

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