European Championships Bucharest 2018

British Weightlifting has just announced the team for the European Championships in Bucharest Romania.

With the Commonwealth games due to start, the team consists of a lot of younger and less seasoned international lifers.

The biggest news in this championships that, Julie Morrish our Womens coach and team manager, travels with them as “Team Leader”.  Julie has managed the OXP team domestically and Internationally for over ten years. Now she has the opportunity to work with some new faces with the GB team.

Well done Julie!!

Noorin Gulam from Bournemouth Uni, becoming accustomed to a new category. Won the English Championships this year, with a143 total -48. I hope Noorin is now settled in her weight category.

Amy Williams, listed as “Norwich B” but I think coached by “Wisdom for Weightlifting” Sarah on the particular day. Won the English with a 166 total -53, we had noticed Amy on a few occasions, wasn’t part of the GB set up. We knew it wouldn’t be long before she got a call.

Olivia Blatch from “Europa” won the English with a 177 total -58. Typical tough Europa stock, really good to watch.

Bobbie Ross from KBT 184 total to secure The English title, Bobbie achieved 6/6 at the English. Will be exciting to see her try and extend these PB’s. Nice strong technical lifter.

Chris Murray, Locker 27 is first of the men. Looked really good in the Snatch, missed a second attempt only to go up and secure it anyway. Another lifter that is good to watch, likes a bit crowd participation. English Champion with 286 -77.

The second of the men is a Celt, Jason Epton coached by John Mcewan, form the fiery “Glasgow City Barbell” This describes pretty much any Scottish lifter to be honest. Will have the bit between his teeth to prove his nation proud.

All in all this is an exciting team, headed by the original “Lifting League” Emperor Giles Greenwood (Head Coach)

Hope to see this young team take the opportunity to secure future selection.