OXP squad training dates.

At Oxford Powersports we held a squad training session which was well attended, both by my regular team and also a few lifters that are in contact with our programming and me as a coach.

With around 20 lifters attending this session, my plan was to set some dates for further squads. I have set the following dates:

  • 4th April 2015
  • 7th July 2015
  • 26th September 2015
  • 24th October 2015

The first squad session in April will be followed by an OXP affiliates “night out” in the Zabb Thai restaurant.

The remaining three will hopefully have some food after training, I need to talk this through yet but it worked well last time.

I have set only four dates for a couple of reasons, one is I quite like a weekend off now and then. Another is the early part of the year everyone is busy with “Lifting League” activity, I feel we need to let lifters concentrate on this ever growing competition. Find the lifting league here.

I have placed the later ones close together towards our regionals to give an opportunity to make good progress towards the championships. This is where a lot of people are trying to qualify for various Comps.

As I have said it’s pretty much open house to anyone wanting to come. Email me if you wish to attend first though – oxfordpowersports@live.co.uk.

A chance to come and train in a different environment alongside other lifters, sometimes from different regions. It is also a chance for my contacts via seminars and Crossfit Barbell classes to train outside the “Box” and meet new contacts.

See you soon.